Bernhard Law Firm Brings $7.6M Suit on South American Fisheries and Crabbing Dispute

Bernhard Law Firm has filed suit in Miami to recover on loans and stock purchase dues owed by a Peruvian private investment manager, who fraudulently took money, laundered investments through alter ego shell companies in Uruguay and the BVI  to dislodge his contractual debt obligations, and then used the money for personal application and to run a Peruvian seafood enterprise free of debt. In total, the suit seeks minimum liquidated damages of $7,638,375.94.

By Dentren at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

As garnered from the pleadings, Bernhard Law Firm has filed on behalf of three business that engaged with the Peruvian manager. The first client-investor initially loaned $4.6M with interest to the manager for lower-continent fishing business. The second client-investor initially loaned $600K with interest for king crabbing business in the same region. That money was to create certain export advances of high value. An intermediary then assigned those export advances, which were rengotiated, laundered, and unburdened.  A third client-investor initially loaned $500K primary payment, which met the same end.

By National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health –, Public Domain,

Bernhard Law Firm has provided grounds to pierce the corporate veils of the commingling defendant companies, and brought causes of action for breach of contracts and fraud.

If you have any questions as to private investments gone awry, both in Southern Florida and abroad, please contact Bernhard Law Firm at 786-871-3349,,

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