Attorney Andrew J. Bernhard presents argument to the Third District Court of Appeal

Attorney Andrew J. Bernhard of Bernhard Law Firm presented oral argument to Florida’s Third District Court of Appeal on July 8, 2015.

See the video here:

Bernhard Law Firm PLLC -
Bernhard Law Firm PLLC –

The appeal challenged an order granting a motion to compel arbitration of a consumer’s fraud claims against dealership. The consumer had also claimed that the dealership had violated FDUTPA’s prohibition of deceptive business practices, and that the dealer had defamed the consumer and interfered with the consumer’s other business relationships. Andrew Bernhard argued that unconscionability prevented complete formation of an arbitration agreement. The Third District Court of Appeal should render its decision in the coming weeks.

If you have an appeal on business or contract issues, please contact Bernhard Law Firm at abernhard@bernhardlawfirm, 786-566-1969, or

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