Bernhard Law Firm Wins Dismissal for South Beach Hotel in Commercial Interference Case

Bernhard Law Firm recently won dismissal of claims in a Miami lawsuit involving the firm’s client, a South Beach hotel located in the upscale South of Fifth neighborhood. (Florida Bar disclaimer: results may not be typical. You may not have as beneficial a result, or same or similar results). Bernhard Law Firm was defending the hotel from claims that it had improperly interfered with the leasing of commercial restaurant space in its building. As garnered from the pleadings, the claimant is a prominent South Beach restauranteur who owns most commercial space on the hotel’s street level, facing Collins Avenue. The restauranteur alleged that the hotel and its owner had tortiously interfered with leasing of certain restaurant space when the hotel challenged the restaurant’s use of the hotel entryway for restaurant activities. The restauranteur further alleged that the hotel owner had somehow discouraged prospective tenants while they were in front of the hotel itself.

Bernhard Law Firm conducted an investigation and discovery of the claims, and was able to determine that they had no factual or legal basis. After witness interviews and deposition of the restauranteur himself, all of which showed the inadequacy of the claims against the hotel, the restauranteur dismissed his interference lawsuit.

Bernhard Law Firm is happy for the just and proper result in this matter. If you have any questions about tortious interference, commercial leasing, hotel disputes, or disagreements in the hospitality sector, please contact Bernhard Law Firm at,, 786-871-3349.

Bernhard Law Firm

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