Bernhard Law Firm Wins Appeal on $4.255 Million Dollar Judgment for Belgium Investment Group

Today in the Third District Court of Appeal case no. 3D21-1295, Bernhard Law Firm won an appeal of a $4.255 million dollar judgment for construction fraud and theft in Miami Beach. Bernhard Law Firm represented the Belgium investment group who had purchased a midrise building in Miami Beach for full refurbishment and development. According to the filings, one of the construction managers had fraudulently absconded with $4.255M in construction assets, leaving the building as an empty, gutted shell. In February 2020 the Court had entered a $4.255M judgment against the construction manager, who was hiding in Egypt or California. The manager came forward and challenged the judgment. After an extended evidentiary hearing on the challenge, in which some witnesses appeared to perjure themselves, the trial court affirmed the judgment. This appeal followed and today the Third District affirmed the rulings. Read more on the case below through the attached briefs. (Florida Bar disclaimer: results may not be typical. You may not have as beneficial a result, or same or similar results). If you have questions about trials and appeals in business and financial disputes, please contact Bernhard Law Firm at, 786-871-3349.

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