Bernhard Law Firm obtains triple damages for client in auto dealership scam

Bernhard Law Firm has obtained an award of triple any money lost in an auto dealership scam–clients are happy (Florida Bar disclaimer: results may not be typical. You may not have as beneficial a result). This case arose from an auto dealer’s scam to refund deposits, down payments, finance payments, and purchase costs with worthless checks. Bernhard Law Firm sued on behalf of several victims, bringing claims against the auto dealership, its managers, and its affiliates. Today, the Court granted summary judgment in favor of Bernhard Law Firm’s client, awarding triple damages for all losses, plus 5% the face value of the checks, any bank fees, additional statutory interest, attorney’s fees, and costs.

“LED DaytimeRunningLights” by Thermos – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons –

If you have questions about business scams and obtaining treble damages on worthless checks, please contact Bernhard Law Firm at,, or 786-871-3349.

Bernhard Law Firm


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